Resuscitating God

CaryatidsSet in London in July 2005, Resuscitating God tells the story of Kam, a British-Pakistani student and security guard in Tavistock Square (where a bus will explode in three days’ time). On the rebound from God, he has lost faith in Islam and is trying to find meaning in life without it when he meets a woman who sets his world on fire.

Lily, 24, is outrageous, pink-haired, and fizzes with mischief, seemingly the personification of sex, hedonism and the experience in life that Kam (a virgin) craves. As a ‘telephone hostess’, she’s paid to make men come – but will she make Kam come of age or come undone?

CURRENT STATUS: Cooling between rewrites

AGENTS: If you want to see an excerpt and synopsis, let me know via contact [at] (An agent has already done this after seeing my work elsewhere, which prompted me to include this suggestion…)