Daevid GlassI reverse-engineer morsels of reality and extract their meaning. I then inject this concentrate into carefully assembled words and hope for a positive outcome. This process began when, as a child in Essex, Albion, a school teacher asked me to write a poem about a rocket launch. I haven’t stopped writing since.

I have had some things published. I would like more things published. I write literary and speculative fiction. Under different names, I also write psychotherapy papers and articles and occasionally essays in which I complain about things that I think are wrong with the world.

I am working on a novel, Resuscitating God, set in London, 2006. Jack, a university student and virgin, is trying to shed the Catholicism he was brought up with and looking for meaning elsewhere. Could he find it in Lily – a ‘telephone hostess’ and the personification of sex, experience and hedonism?

I live in beautiful Oxfordshire, where I will sometimes slouch behind my desk looking out of the window at geese, squirrels, crows, pigeons, or on a good day, deer. This I call ‘writing’.

Want to talk? E-mail contact [at] daevidglass.com.

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