Daevid GlassI reverse-engineer morsels of reality and extract their meaning. I then inject this concentrate into carefully assembled words and hope for a positive outcome. This process began when, as a child in Essex, Albion, a school teacher asked me to write a poem about a rocket launch. I haven’t stopped writing since.

I have had some things published. I would like more things published. I write literary and speculative fiction. Under different names, I also write psychotherapy papers and articles and occasionally essays in which I complain about things that I think are wrong with the world.

I am working on a novel, Resuscitating God, about university students in London, 2006. Boy meets girl. The girl, Lily, is a neon-haired, hedonistic mischief-maker, always in search of excitement. The boy, Jack, is a virgin, trying to unpeel the Catholicism he was brought up with and looking elsewhere for meaning. Could he find it in Lily, who exudes the experience he lacks, or will meeting her prove his undoing?

Want to talk? E-mail daevid [at] daevidglass.com.

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