David Glass

I have had a smattering of things published but not enough. I write fiction and some poetry.

I am currently working on a novel, Resuscitating God, set in London during the tumultuous July of 2005. Kamran, a virginal student, has lost his faith and is looking for meaning. Could he find it in Lily – a ‘telephone hostess’ and the personification of sex, experience and hedonism?

Waiting for a rewrite once that’s finished, The Godless is a novel is about a nihilistic, intelligent and impulsive teenager called Zed. Ruled by anger, he lacks the safety catch that stops most of us going too far. It’s a close-up, slow-motion car crash.

I live in beautiful Oxford, where I can occasionally be found reading my work on stage or bashing the keys of my laptop in cafés. Mostly though I’ll holed up behind my desk watching crows hop along the tree in the drive and calling this ‘writing’.

When asked, I say I write literary fiction and it’s not a term I like. All I mean by it is this: I write whatever stories I am inspired to, they aren’t always in a particular genre, and I write them the best I can.

Want to talk? E-mail contact@davidglass.me.uk or give me a shout on Twitter or Facebook.

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